9 Cool DIY End-of-the-Year Teacher's Gifts

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Our children have just over a month left for this school year.  All the snow days have extended school past Father's Day and into the summer.  We haven't heard from any of our 3 children's room parents yet about organizing an end-of-the-year teacher's gift from the class, so I thought I'd look around for some cool teacher's gift ideas our children could make for their teachers individually . . . just in case.

Two of the ideas shared below are ones our family have created for teachers in the past.  There are lots of easy and inexpensive teacher's gift ideas below.  Which ones are your favorites?

9 Cool DIY End-of-the-Year Teacher's Gift Crafts . . . 

  1. ABC Mason Jar Vase for Teacher - I love this gift idea because it has a handmade charm.  Mason jars are inexpensive and can be found at your local supermarket or craft store.  Not only is this gift perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school teachers, it can easily be adapted for teachers of older grades.  Instead of the "ABC", try putting a monogram instead.  This craft is affordable enough for you to make one for each of your child's middle school or high school teachers.  If you don't have time to paint, you could just buy some colored mason jars instead!  If you buy fresh flowers for teachers every year, this would make the gift last long after the flowers have wilted.  Follow the link for the instructions for this easy craft.
  2. Felt Flower Upcycled Treat Container for Teacher - I've created crafts with Pringles canisters before, but none of mine ever came out as cool looking as this bright and cheery treat container.  Although I love the flower this crafter created, you can customize your flower by changing the colored felt fabric you choose and the color of the foam craft sheet used to cover the canister.  Follow the link to see the list of materials needed and full instructions, along with the free printable teacher gift tag.  This treat container is such a cool way to present your freshly baked goodies to the teacher!
  3. Autographed Framed Class Photo - If you visit your child's school often, this teacher's gift is a no-brainer.  You could collect the student's signatures on the autograph photo mat at drop-off in the mornings or arrange a time during the school day as this crafter did.  What an easy-to-make keepsake this would make for your child's teacher!  Follow the link to find even more teacher's gift ideas.
  4. DIY Soup Can Pencil Vase for Teacher - This teacher's gift will last year round and is a great way to reuse a soup can!  Grab your hot glue gun and a box of yellow pencils to get started.  Although this vase could hold freshly cut flowers, I agree with the crafter about choosing artificial flowers for this arrangement for a pretty classroom decoration that will last forever.  Follow the link for the easy instructions, including how to make your own button ribbon bow.
  5. Print & Color Preschool Flowerpot Tags for Teacher's Gift - This is a great gift idea for younger children who may not be able to write well yet.  Simply purchase a potted plant and tie these print and color gift tags on with a ribbon.  We made these for our twins' preschool teachers a few years ago.  The children were so proud to have colored the tags themselves and they really gave the plants a personal touch.  The free print and color flowerpot tag is available for a gift from one child or from multiple children.  Follow the link to grab this printable and to see the step-by-step instructions for making these 2-sided gift tags.
  6. Crayon Vase Teacher's Gift - This is another colorful and cheery teacher's gift idea.  I think it would be perfect for preschool to early grade school teachers.  Be sure to use a glass vase with straight sides for this project.  I love the crafter's choice for artificial daisies to fill the vase.  They are so pretty and cheerful!  What kind of flowers would you choose?  Follow the link for the complete instructions.
  7. Student Quotes Wall Calendar Classroom Gift for Teacher - This is a gift we made for our daughter's teacher and was presented to her from the whole class.  In order to create this gift, you have to know how to create a Google form and have basic knowledge of any graphics program that allows you to make an image out of text.  I found that the other parents appreciated this idea because all they had to do was interview their children using fill-in-the-blank questions you provided and submit the responses into a Google form.  It was far easier than having to ask their children to draw or write something to send into school for my child to pass along to me.  This calendar was quite inexpensive to have printed at our local Walgreen's.  Follow the link for the detailed instructions.
  8. Ice Tea Cup with Tea Bag Gift Tag Teacher's Gift - This teacher's gift is practical, thoughtful, and affordable.  The iced tea theme makes this a perfect pre-summer gift.  Follow the link to grab the clever free printable tea bag gift tag and to get ideas for what to include inside the cup.
  9. M&M Crayon Picture Frame Gift Set for Teacher - This is truly a sweet and imaginative teacher's gift.  You can gift the crayon frame by itself or make it into an M&M themed gift set as this crafter did.  She even provides a free printable that shares all the ways the teacher has made a difference in her child's life, giving this gift a very personal touch.  Follow the link for more details about this DIY teacher's gift.

What gifts have you made for teachers in the past that were a big hit? Share them with us in a comment here.

 I received permission from the sites listed above to include their teacher's gift craft ideas & images in this list of 9 cool things.