9 Cool Snack Mix Recipes

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Have you ever tried making your own snack mixes?  It's truly brilliant to mix some of your favorite things together into one snack.  The possibilities are endless and these snacks are easy to reach for when you need something to munch on for snack time at school, after school at home or before practice, for family movie night, or on a road trip.  Of course, I seem to be making the same two mixes over and over again, so went on a search for some more creative ideas. Checkout these easy-to-make snack mix recipes from some of my favorite bloggers!

9 Cool Snack Mix Ideas . . . 
  1. Twizzlers Twist Trail Mix - This is a kid-friendly trail mix recipe, which incorporates two of my favorite snacks, Twizzlers Bites and Bugles, into a mix of wholesome dried fruits and nuts.  This would be perfect for any fan of a sweet and salty taste combination.
  2. Garlic Parmesan Chex Mix - Whenever my family sees garlic Parmesan snacks at the supermarket, they always ask me to buy them.  Those are two flavors we just cannot get enough of in pasta dishes, so why wouldn't we love them in a crunchy snack too?  Be sure to checkout the recipe, which calls for many of the same spices we normally love to cook with.
  3. Double Chocolate Coffee Snack Mix - This recipe calls for chocolate-coated Chocolate Chex (need I say more?)!  It also calls for chocolate-covered espresso beans, so my children are out of luck.  Maybe you could make two versions, one with the espresso beans and one with brown Peanut M&Ms?
  4. Minions Snack Mix - With the Minions craze going on right now, this snack mix recipe will be a huge hit for sure.  The candy eye balls are the perfect touch!  This recipe is on my to-make list for my children (and me).  Can you believe I've never tried Chex Mix Muddy Buddies before?
  5. Snickerdoodle Snack Mix - This easy-to-make snack mix only has five ingredients.  The recipe creator saves time by using pieces of Nilla Wafers, but you could also opt to use freshly baked cookies.  What a cool twist on gifting cookies for the holidays or other special occasions!  Why not present your cookies in this yummy snack mix instead?  You could also try using Mini Nilla Wafers instead of breaking the cookies into pieces.
  6. Disney-Themed FROZEN Sven's Snack Mix - What a perfect treat this snack mix would make for a movie marathon including Disney's FROZEN!  The easy recipe calls for three of my family's favorite snacks.  Be sure to check it out and make it for your next movie night or FROZEN-themed birthday party!
  7. Sweet and Spicy Chex Mix - This snack mix is perfect for a family movie night snack because it contains popcorn, a movie night must!  Does your family enjoy spicy foods?  If the answer is "YES!", then you'll want to checkout this recipe.
  8. Honey Peanut Chex Mix - Do you eat cereal for snack?  Lots of parents pack cereal for snack time at school for their children.  That's probably why this snack mix will be such a huge hit with your kids.  Checkout the recipe to find out which cereals this recipe creator chose to pair with peanuts for a lightly sweetened snack mix!
  9. Honeycomb S'mores Snack Mix - Do you love the taste of s'mores, but think it's a little on the messy side for your children?  This snack mix is a great alternative for when you need a mess-free snack.  You can even replace the chocolate bar pieces with Hershey's Mini Kisses.
Will you be trying one of these cool snack mix recipes?  Tell us which one or share a cool snack mix recipe of your own with a comment here!

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