9 Cool Magic the Gathering (MTG) Dragon-Themed Gifts

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Since joining a Magic the Gathering club at school last fall, our son has developed a real love for the game.  After shopping for MTG gifts for him last holiday, I came to realize that it's not that easy to find Magic the Gathering-themed gifts.  I ended up buying him this dragon sketch pewter tree ornament, which he loved.  After the craziness of the holidays had passed, I started to do some research into possible MTG gifts for the future.  I started with looking for dragon-themed gifts because my son especially likes anything with dragons.  Check out what I've found so far!

Magic the Gathering Dragon Throw  |  9CoolThings.com
1. Sunset Dragon Throw Blanket - This throw is created from licensed artwork by Melissa A. Benson, one of the original Magic the Gathering artists.  Even though the dragon looks fierce, the beautiful sunset colors used in this piece of art makes the dragon seem less menacing, making this a perfectly suitable gift for an older child up to an adult.

Magic the Gathering Dragon Carrying Case  |  9CoolThings.com
2.  Red Dragon Collectible Card Carrying Case - This card carrying case comes with a foam insert, designed to fit Magic the Gathering-sized cards, that you can configure to suit your needs.  The case also comes with a mini binder, a folded playmat, a padded shoulder strap, and is water-resistant.  The cool dragon design on the front is just the icing on top of the cake!

Magic the Gathering Dragon Postage Stamp  |  9CoolThings.com
3.  Magic the Gathering Volcanic Dragon Postage Stamps - The fiery image on these postage stamps is official Magic the Gathering artwork.  They come in a sheet of 20 stamps, so there are plenty to collect, share, and use on mail to your MTG-loving friends.

Magic the Gathering Dragon Dice Bag  |  9CoolThings.com
 4.  Velvet Dragon Dice Bag - This satin-lined velvet pouch is perfect for holding polyhedral dice sets for playing Magic the Gathering.  Right now my son keeps his dice set in a spare deck box.  This pouch would definitely be a space-saver for him.

Magic the Gathering Dragon Artist T-Shirt |  9CoolThings.com
5.  Magic The Gathering Graphic Tee - This t-shirt features not one, but four beautiful Magic the Gathering illustrations by fantasy artist, Melissa A. Benson.  If you are having trouble choosing which of Benson's illustrations you like the best, you don't have to with this t-shirt!  This shirt is also available in other shirt styles for men, women, and children.

Magic the Gathering Faux Leather Dragon Deck Boxes |  9CoolThings.com
6.  Faux Leather Padded LX Deck Boxes - We own a couple of these deck boxes and love them.  They are sturdy and have a strong magnetic closure.  These deck boxes are an easy way to keep track of your Magic the Gathering card by color and can easily coordinate with whatever protective card sleeves you choose.  You can choose from Black, White, Red, Blue, or Green.

Magic the Gathering Dragon Artist Greeting Card |  9CoolThings.com
7.  Magic the Gathering Flameblast Dragon Greeting Card - This is a 7"x5" greeting card, which make s a perfect frame-worthy keepsake for a MTG fan.  You can even add a personalized message inside and on the back.  How about picking up a frame to give along with this card so that the recipient can frame this official Magic the Gathering artwork for display?

Magic the Gathering Dragon Artist Sketch T-Shirt |  9CoolThings.com
8.  Shivan Dragon with Moon All-Over Printed T-Shirt - The design on this Magic the Gathering-themed shirt is the same as the one on the Christmas ornament I had bought for my son.  It is another wonderful illustration by Melissa A. Benson.  Sometimes black and white can be just as dramatic as vividly colored graphics.

Magic the Gathering Personalized Handcrafted Wooden Dragon Deck Box |  9CoolThings.com
9.  Personalized Handcrafted Wooden Dragon Deck Box - This handmade personalized deck box would be a valued keepsake for any Magic the Gathering fan.  I'm considering this as a gift for my son.  It would be beautiful to display on his desk, perhaps to hold his especially valuable cards.

Which Magic the Gathering gift idea is your favorite?  Let us know and share your own MTG gift ideas in a comment here.