9 Cool Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids

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9 Cool Scavenger Hunt Activities for Kids  |  9 Cool Things
Whether your children are suffering from the summer doldrums or it's a rainy weekend day, it's nice to have some activities on-hand that don't require you to spend money.  Scavenger hunts are always fun!  You can offer prizes or make teams to get the adults involved.  Scavenger hunts are even fun for an only child to complete solo.

9 Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids . . .
  1. Outdoor Adventure Scavenger Hunt - This printable scavenger hunt has fun graphics and is perfect for use in your backyard, at the local park, or while camping.
  2. Use Your Senses Scavenger Hunt - This scavenger hunt can be used almost anywhere.  It asks that the hunters find items using their sight, hearing, and touch.  What a great way for a child to explore his or her surroundings!
  3. Road Trip Alphabet Pictures Scavenger Hunt - This printable makes a book your child can fill out during a road trip.  What a smart way to keep your little one busy and entertained during a long car ride!
  4. Colors Scavenger Hunt - This printable is perfect for a child or a whole classroom who is learning their colors, and can be used indoors or out!
  5. Vocabulary Words Scavenger Hunt Bookmarks - These printable bookmarks are a great way to challenge young readers, who may usually just skim over unfamiliar words while reading.
  6. Around the House Scavenger Hunt - This printable scavenger hunt includes a fun list of things to find around the house, such as "something shiny and new"!
  7. Park Scavenger Hunt - This adorable printable asks your child to find a list of things that can usually be found at a park or playground.  What a cool way to add some extra fun to a playdate at the park!
  8. ABC Scavenger Hunt - This printable scavenger hunt is both educational and fun.  Like the Colors Scavenger Hunt, this activity is perfect for a child or a whole classroom of children who are learning their ABC's!
  9. Nature Scavenger Hunt - This activity doesn't actually have a printable, but is super-easy, fun, and free.  All you need is an empty egg carton!
What other types of scavenger hunts have you organized for your children?  Share your ideas with us in a comment here!

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