9 Cool Halloween Rice Krispies Treats Recipes

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9 Halloween Rice Krispies Treats Recipes |  9CoolThings.com
Halloween is almost upon us!  If you're looking for some easy last-minute Halloween treats to make for your family or to take to a Halloween party, what could be easier than some Rice Krispies Treats with a little imagination and creativity thrown in.  Here are a few ideas you may like to try or perhaps they'll inspire you to do something different?

9 Cool Rice Krispies Treats for Halloween . . . 

  1. Frankenstein Rice Krispies Treats - I've seen some similar Rice Krispies Treats created by others, but liked these the best because part of the treat is bare, making the Frankenstein heads more boxy as I would envision them to be.
  2. Layered Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats - These treats are made with just a touch of vanilla extract and food coloring added.  They are not frosted, so they'd be perfect for a less-messy treat for children, but are simple enough to look elegant served to adults.
  3. Cocoa Krispies M&M Spiders - These spiders are colorful and fun rather than creepy crawly!  It's also nice to have Cocoa Krispies for a different taste.  How cool would these be served at a children's Halloween party? #client
  4. Sweet Surprise Rice Krispies Treats Pumpkin Pops - Who doesn't love surprises?  These clever little Rice Krispies Treats pumpkins on a stick have mini Milky Way bars inside!  Of course, you could choose to use your favorite candy instead.
  5. Easy Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats - How adorable are these little pumpkins?  If you participate in bake sales for school or another organization, definitely bookmark or pin this for next year.  These Rice Krispies Treats jack-o-lanterns will surely be a huge hit!
  6. Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats Pops - You wouldn't believe it just took a cookie cutter, white frosting, and colored sugar crystals to create these candy corn Rice Krispies pops.  I'd love to see this made in Indian corn colors for chocolate-lovers!
  7. Candy Rice Krispies Treats - These Rice Krispies Treats embody what Halloween is all about (for some people, at least) . . . candy!  The candy corn used for decorating are classic.  What other kinds of candy could you top these treats with?
  8. Apple Shaped Rice Krispies Treats - These Rice Krispies Treats would be perfect for any fall celebration, in addition to Halloween.  How cute would these red and green apples look served in tiny apple picking bags?
  9. Giant Rice Krispies Treats Jack-O-Lantern - If you're a fan of those pan-sized chocolate chip cookies, then you have got to take a look at this smiling Rice Krispies Treats Jack-O-Lantern.  Who needs cake when you can slice this baby up and serve them to your guests?
What are your favorite spooky treats to make for Halloween?  Share them with us in a comment here.

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