9 Cool St. Patrick's Day Shamrock & 4-Leaf Clover Crafts

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We don't usually celebrate St. Patrick's Day at our house, but I still enjoy seeing all the creative crafts out there for both children and adults alike.  I am a huge fan of easy crafts, so this list of cool St. Patrick's Day craft ideas are all fairly easy to make.  Which one will you try first?

9 Cool Shamrock & 4-Leaf Clover Crafts for St. Patrick's Day . . .

  1. DIY St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Coffee Mug - Something I've always wanted to try is decorating ceramics with paint pens or colorful Sharpies.  This crafter makes it look easy, doesn't she?  How cute would these mugs be in your St. Patrick's Day tablescape or wrapped in cello after being filled with chocolate gold coins?
  2. DIY St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Clover Garland - If you're thinking of trying your hand at Cricut crafts, then this pretty garland is a great place to start.  You can use this Cricut tutorial to make something similar with other shapes, such as a flower garland or perhaps a star garland.
  3. Stained Glass Tissue Paper Shamrocks - This is a fun St. Patrick's Day kids craft that turns out to be a pretty decoration.  It is such a great feeling for kids to create something that can be proudly displayed for everyone to see.
  4. Four-Leaf Clover Magnets - Do you collect magnets or know someone who does?  This is a super-easy magnet craft that could also be turned into a thumbprint craft for kids.  Once you make one, I bet you'll have lots of ideas to make more throughout the year!
  5. St. Patrick's Day Button Clover Craft - This kid-friendly craft looks great in a matted frame!  All you need is some green buttons and craft glue.  (I love these patterned green buttons for this easy craft!)
  6. St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Preschool Craft - This is a fun preschool craft that is done with sponge stamping, using clover leaf shapes that you can make yourself out of household sponges.  This project could be dated and framed, and would be a special keepsake to display year after year for St. Patrick's Day.
  7. DIY St. Patrick's Day Canvas Art - This DIY wall art is such an awesome concept.  Personally, I think the shamrock would look just as nice with only the outline as it does filled in.  Hmmmm . . .  what other shapes and background colors could you use for other holidays and special occasions?
  8. Shamrock Leaf Wreath Craft - This DIY shamrock wreath comes with a free printable.  It is such a simple concept and comes out looking great, especially with that touch of glitter glue!
  9. Shamrock Puppy Craft - This is an adorable preschool craft that is a color, cut, and glue activity.  The result is just too cute and the tutorial comes with a printable pattern.

If you've come across other fun St. Patrick's Day crafts, please share them with us and 9 Cool Things readers in a comment here!

I received permission from the sites listed above to include their recipes & images in this list of 9 cool things.