9 Cool Easter Traditions for Kids

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Although we don't celebrate Easter as a religious holiday, we do celebrate just for fun.  Some of our Easter traditions are leaving out the empty baskets the night before Easter for the Easter Bunny to fill, going to my cousin's house for Easter brunch, and having an Easter egg hunt.  I'll share another one of our traditions below.  If you are looking for new Easter traditions to start with your children, here is a list of fun traditions your children will love!

9 Cool Ideas for Easter Traditions to Start with Your Children . . . 

  1. Photo of the Easter Bunny in Your Home - This is a tradition we began in our house when our children were very young.  This service allows you to take a photo somewhere in your home and then insert a character into the photo.  There are different Easter Bunnies to choose from, as well as a large selection of poses.  You can also resize the bunny, flip it, and change its lighting to match that of your photo.  The look of delight on our children's faces when they see these photos each year is priceless!  For $9.99, you get a high resolution digital copy of the image.  Since our children are getting older, this might be the last year for this tradition at our house, but we will still have all the photos from past years for keepsakes.
  2. Make an Easter Craft Together - Nothing puts a smile on a child's face like making something cool that can be displayed.  Try making a different craft with your child every year.  It will be a tradition that will be highly anticipated by children of all ages.  Just be sure to choose a craft that matches your child's age.  Have an older child?  Try this cool Eggshell Candles Craft!
  3. Easter Basket Hunt - This sounds like a super-fun tradition!  Simply hide your children's Easter baskets around the house and give them just one clue each.  Be sure to match the difficulty of the clues with your child's age.  You can even leave some hints, such as a stray egg or bunny footprints for some added fun!  Follow the link for more fun Easter tradition ideas!
  4. Host an Egg-Dying Party - Why not make dying eggs even more fun by inviting your children's friends and relatives to participate?  Follow the link to get some tips on how to make hosting an egg-dying party easy!
  5. Make a Special Centerpiece for Easter Dinner or Brunch - This is something your children can help you do every year.  When your guests compliment you on the beautiful centerpiece during Easter dinner or Easter brunch, your children can feel proud that they helped to create it.  Follow the link to find out how easy it is to make a gorgeous Easter centerpiece out of fresh flowers and candy!
  6. Easter-themed Family Movie Night - There are so many fun Easter-themed movies out there, why not watch a different one every year?  Some suggestions I have for fun Easter movies are Hop and Rise of the Guardians.  Follow the link for ideas on how to make an Easter Family Movie Night fun!
  7. Colorful Deviled Eggs - These dyed deviled eggs are just too cool!  Whether you're serving them to guests or just to your family, they will be something fun to look forward to every Easter.  Follow the link to get the recipe and tutorial!
  8. Make a Special Easter Treat - When there is a treat that your children can only have once a year, it makes it that much more special.  Try these Hidden Surprise Rice Krispies Easter Egg Treats!  They are hollow and have candy hidden inside.  You could use a different candy each year.  Your children will be anxious to crack one open to see what's inside this year.  Follow the link to get the recipe and how-to!
  9. Easter Nest Centerpiece - This is such a fun idea!  All you need to do is build a nest of Easter grass on a table and fill the nest with treats and plastic eggs for your family and guests to enjoy throughout the Easter season.  Follow the link to learn more about this fun Easter tradition!  (I would love to do this at our house, except I think the cat would eat the Easter grass and will knock all the candy and eggs onto the floor for the dogs to break open.)
What are your Easter traditions?  Share them with us in a comment here.

I received permission from the sites listed above to include their Easter traditions, recipes, crafts & images in this list of 9 cool things.